Monday, May 4, 2009

Gee It was nice to ride a wave standing up yesterday!

Yesterday, after a few weeks of waves that were only fun to ride on the bodyboard, a beautiful autumn day of sunshine, light wind and green water saw the point was working well enough for me to decide the longboard might be an option and it was.
Just 4 of us out, yep that was a 4, and patiently waiting for the right wave and bingo 4 good clean rides and one particularly good one. Not big but nice shape and plenty of speed with the opportunity to insert a couple of turns. A similar wave to the one in the pic of me above at another local break but think right rather than left.
Then it was up to the block to whack up a couple more sheets of colorbond on the ceiling - so nice to be finally starting to fit the new house out internally. A good day!


  1. Apparently the good wave I got was a bit bigger than the one in the photo! Strange how difficult it is to judge?

  2. Just 4 of you out on such a beautiful day! So nice!!