Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nude Surfing 4! LOL!

Nude Surfing 3!

Sorry I could not get the audio in the conversion from Flash but you should certainly get the gist of it in any case. Thanks to ttdnteam and Michelle

Saturday, January 30, 2010

So I had to go............

... and find out more about Maestro Ryan Burch, the star of the last post. That Gauntlet is definitely down!
And here is more courtesy of Warbles

Ummmm............Very impressive work!

Looking forward to "Stoked and Broke" when it comes out. The 2nd piece of interesting footage and not J-Bay but the gauntlet laid down for DH maybe? Thanks to Look & Sea

Nude Surfing 2!

More pics in already. Thanks Michelle. The image to the left, which all of us who surf must have seen at some point, portrays surfing in it's most original and natural state and of course all participants male and female are naked and completely comfortable.

I also found this image earlier but chose not to use it in the original "Nude Surfing" post for reasons which I believe fairly obvious.

I almost used this next one but considered the image of the guy a little small to use as a comparison.

Now this one looks photoshopped to my eye and is gratuitous because of the sexual orientation of the couples pose.

1982 Surfer Magazine Cover

How could you possibly doing anything but by this issue for the cover alone!

Thanks Damion

Nude Surfing!

I really liked the image on the right when I found it on SissyFish' blog.
This girl is oblivious to the camera, totally focussed on what she is doing on the wave and so, even though naked, I believe a tasteful image of an active woman that is neither gratuitous nor offensive.

In an attempt to keep the balance I have scoured the internet to find a pic of some hunky guy in a similar image but the best I could come up with was these three who are also totally focussed on........competing with each other. Such a guy thing Eh!
If anybody has a similar shot of a guy to the one of the girl, I will gladly amend this post to include it.

Shark 1!

Amazing how much more friendly he/she looks!

Many thanks to Chum who originally thanked Rye!

Friday, January 29, 2010

After Typhoon - Japan!

Featuring our very own Ross Clarke-Jones and an almost totalled jetski!
Thanks for this My Beloved

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Appalling, just appalling!

Grey skies, strong SE winds with no real swell just wind driven mush for the last few days but today it was in anyway as one just has to.
It was much more chaotic and wind effected than the pic to the left but the same colour water and, well lumps really, rather than waves coming through.
Michelle was not keen at all when we got there as the wind was pretty strong but nothing stops me taking out my bodyboard in these conditions for a good solid workout. So I left Michelle to ponder whether to return home and take "Those who must be obeyed" for a walk or come in anyway.
There were some decent size lumps coming through and I was having a jolly time in fact when out of the corner of my I caught sight of a red object. A red helmet in fact. "Buggar me, it's the missus come out to join me on her 8' 4" hybrid!"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Really like this pic and many thanks to srfnff for happening to have it in the title of his blog.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Surfcams? Really great but..........

......damn it can be hard to judge the size of the waves on any given day from the location of ours on the surf club verandah.
Not that it would have been a problem had it been an image to the left that confronted you following a surreptitious check of your local webcam whilst you were at work. Just pea green with envy, I would imagine!
Anyway, thinking it was small and messy, today I took my handboard down for a quick session, whilst "Those who must be obeyed" were off for a beach walk with Michelle. Turned out it was way bigger than it had looked on the cam and a bodyboard would have been the best bet. But, hey, I had a good time and the usual great workout that handboarding provides, so I can't complain too much.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Board saved from sale due to unfortunate incident!

In a recent post I mentioned that I was likely to sell my 9' 6" Walden Magic Model longboard as I was a little unhappy with it's performance in the waves here. Well, I duly set about preparing an advert to put up at the local surf club and part of this process, of course, is to take a picture of the board to place on it. So I get my trusty iPhone, go outside and under the house, drag the big board out, open the bag and find one of the side biters has disappeared!
"Shit!" I say to myself " How did that happen?" I thought back over the last few days and "Ahh, I remember, the learner on a softtop I ran into. My board coming to a jarring halt as that fin, it appears now, connected with his board as he frantically tried to get out of the way with a look of terror on his face and I high sided over the nose of the board!
I turned to him and said "Now you might like to have a little look around you before you attempt to take off on a wave!" He had been consistently not doing so a number of times beforehand. He agreed saying "Yes, I think I should."
Anyway back to the picture taking.
"Oh well" I said to myself, "I must be selling a single fin longboard" and duly removed the remaining side biter and took a couple of pics. The next day the ad went up on the surf club wall and I was pleased to note that a few numbers had been taken from my existing ad for the 6' 10" fish, however no calls to date.
Yesterday, the conditions were small too small for the new Carver probably a bit windy for the SUP so I thought "Blow it, even though I have the longboard up for sale, I am going to take it out for a spin and try it again now that it is a single fin."
Well, after a great session, in which the board seemed to revel in not having the extra drag at the back and paddled so much more easily into the small waves on offer, that ad has now been removed (by someone else strangely, saving me the need to do so myself) and the board will remain in the quiver.... with the addition of a swish new and bigger single fin in the colour blue ordered today from Shapers Australia.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Big messy onshore today so..............

.......I left the new board at home (bum, bum, bum!) and it was out with the bodyboard for a quick session while Michelle took "those who must be obeyed" round the bay for a run and lots of sniffing. Apparently Hermyne was mounting frequent stealth attacks on Hamish also.
Back to the session.
Initially just 4 of us out the back and then just myself and another old guy on a shortboard.
We were getting tossing around like corks waiting for some pretty sizeable chunks to come through, a bit like the pic, but closer intervals between waves and messier with lots of double ups. I was glad the rip by the rocks was working as it is hard yakka on a bodyboard in those conditions, which is one of the main reasons I take it out, apart from the fact is is damn fine fun too and I am guaranteed more rides than those who insist on stand up surfing!
When will I take the new board out again you ask? Jeez let me think now..........maybe ASAIABAT?!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally, the big? beautiful red Carver has arrived!..........

...........and of course, abiding by the rule that the first surf on a new board has to be when it's crap, I duly took it out in this afternoon's onshore and small ( where the waves were breaking with any ridable shape at all ) conditions.
Not expecting too much but wanting to get some sort of a feel for the board, the first thing I noticed was that it slipped through the water very easily, which was surprising as it felt so small and narrow in comparison to the 9' 6" Magic Model Walden I would normally take out in such conditions. So my interest and excitement about this new board's potential was somewhat elevated.
And....... blow me down with March fly's fart! I slipped into a small wave having barely put any paddling effort in at all. Shit, I thought to myself, that felt easier to do than if I had been on the Walden! By the end of the session that thought was still not able to be discarded completely and can you empathise with the degree to which I am now looking forward to trying the Carver on a bigger and better quality wave? Oh yeh, I thought so and I am looking forward to Michelle having a go on it and her reaction also. Oh, and it is probably bye bye to the Walden me thinks!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A good workout on a crap day!

Yesterday, I really needed to get into the ocean and as it was onshore and I was not expecting much swell I took my handboard and flippers out for what I thought would be a short session.
As it turned out there was a little more swell than I had thought there would be and I ended up really enjoying the sometime heaving onshore conditions for longer than I had intended.
As a consequence I missed the arrival of Michelle at the beach to pick me up (she had taken "Those that must be obeyed" for a walk elsewhere) which created some angst.
I take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly to her again and will endeavour, though I think it may be tricky, to communicate to her unspecified future decision making beforehand.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today? The best SUP session so far!

As my new board has still not arrived, it was pretty small on the bay today and I couldn't see anything particularly enticing for a regular board, I decided it was time for another session on my 10' 10" Walden SUP.
Good decision as I got a few rippers, very similar in size to the wave depicted to the left, and learnt a lot more about:
1. Turning the board in preparation for a wave
2. Judging where I need to be to optimise a drama free take off
3. The take off itself
4. Getting far enough back so as it was easier to throw the board around in the other direction (to avoid my beloved)
5. Paddling hard on a fatter wave to maintain momentum
I am gaining more confidence as I am not having to worry so much about falling off the board while I am waiting for a wave and getting the board around in readiness.
As we were leaving a guy was unloading a sweet looking super wide Robbie Naish SUP.
Shame he didn't get there a little earlier.
The session was a good two hours or so but is unlikely to stop Michelle and I from going out for another session this afternoon while the conditions are still very amenable!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cold Water Classic 2009 completed!

This has been a great event and I can't wait for the 2010 series.
I urge you to visit the website navigate to the video page and watch the documentaries they have put together on each of the 5 events. Really informative about each location, some terrific surfing footage and to die for trophies!
Go check it out now!