Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Appalling, just appalling!

Grey skies, strong SE winds with no real swell just wind driven mush for the last few days but today it was in anyway as one just has to.
It was much more chaotic and wind effected than the pic to the left but the same colour water and, well lumps really, rather than waves coming through.
Michelle was not keen at all when we got there as the wind was pretty strong but nothing stops me taking out my bodyboard in these conditions for a good solid workout. So I left Michelle to ponder whether to return home and take "Those who must be obeyed" for a walk or come in anyway.
There were some decent size lumps coming through and I was having a jolly time in fact when out of the corner of my I caught sight of a red object. A red helmet in fact. "Buggar me, it's the missus come out to join me on her 8' 4" hybrid!"


  1. these would be pretty good waves where i live :D


  2. If it makes you feel better I was looking at your dribble on that web-cam at lunch time and feeling jealous. After a week without even a ripple I'm getting a bit ansy.

    Hopefully a trip down Yalls way tomorrow will cure me but I'm not holding my breath

  3. Ha thanks guys. It's all relative really isn't it, depending how long since we last dipped ourselves in the sea!

  4. When you are on a hard-board and surrounded by boogers you know it's really bad. Still, it was surprisingly fun.