Friday, January 22, 2010

Surfcams? Really great but..........

......damn it can be hard to judge the size of the waves on any given day from the location of ours on the surf club verandah.
Not that it would have been a problem had it been an image to the left that confronted you following a surreptitious check of your local webcam whilst you were at work. Just pea green with envy, I would imagine!
Anyway, thinking it was small and messy, today I took my handboard down for a quick session, whilst "Those who must be obeyed" were off for a beach walk with Michelle. Turned out it was way bigger than it had looked on the cam and a bodyboard would have been the best bet. But, hey, I had a good time and the usual great workout that handboarding provides, so I can't complain too much.

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  1. 'Sea-green' with envy I reckon. Mmmmm...some rideable waves on the inside but about 20 punters in the shorebreak as usual and the flag waving surf-club keeping everyone out of the next surfable section. Fuck it, rather go for a walk and try again tomorrow. Still sore from yesterday too :)