Thursday, January 21, 2010

Board saved from sale due to unfortunate incident!

In a recent post I mentioned that I was likely to sell my 9' 6" Walden Magic Model longboard as I was a little unhappy with it's performance in the waves here. Well, I duly set about preparing an advert to put up at the local surf club and part of this process, of course, is to take a picture of the board to place on it. So I get my trusty iPhone, go outside and under the house, drag the big board out, open the bag and find one of the side biters has disappeared!
"Shit!" I say to myself " How did that happen?" I thought back over the last few days and "Ahh, I remember, the learner on a softtop I ran into. My board coming to a jarring halt as that fin, it appears now, connected with his board as he frantically tried to get out of the way with a look of terror on his face and I high sided over the nose of the board!
I turned to him and said "Now you might like to have a little look around you before you attempt to take off on a wave!" He had been consistently not doing so a number of times beforehand. He agreed saying "Yes, I think I should."
Anyway back to the picture taking.
"Oh well" I said to myself, "I must be selling a single fin longboard" and duly removed the remaining side biter and took a couple of pics. The next day the ad went up on the surf club wall and I was pleased to note that a few numbers had been taken from my existing ad for the 6' 10" fish, however no calls to date.
Yesterday, the conditions were small too small for the new Carver probably a bit windy for the SUP so I thought "Blow it, even though I have the longboard up for sale, I am going to take it out for a spin and try it again now that it is a single fin."
Well, after a great session, in which the board seemed to revel in not having the extra drag at the back and paddled so much more easily into the small waves on offer, that ad has now been removed (by someone else strangely, saving me the need to do so myself) and the board will remain in the quiver.... with the addition of a swish new and bigger single fin in the colour blue ordered today from Shapers Australia.

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