Saturday, January 16, 2010

Big messy onshore today so..............

.......I left the new board at home (bum, bum, bum!) and it was out with the bodyboard for a quick session while Michelle took "those who must be obeyed" round the bay for a run and lots of sniffing. Apparently Hermyne was mounting frequent stealth attacks on Hamish also.
Back to the session.
Initially just 4 of us out the back and then just myself and another old guy on a shortboard.
We were getting tossing around like corks waiting for some pretty sizeable chunks to come through, a bit like the pic, but closer intervals between waves and messier with lots of double ups. I was glad the rip by the rocks was working as it is hard yakka on a bodyboard in those conditions, which is one of the main reasons I take it out, apart from the fact is is damn fine fun too and I am guaranteed more rides than those who insist on stand up surfing!
When will I take the new board out again you ask? Jeez let me think now..........maybe ASAIABAT?!

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  1. Well that was today and you probably wished you hadn't! Remind me next time about north-easterlies, switching to southerlies and how it trashes the swell and any wave shape. The poor little Super-Fish didn't like it either. It was nice in the water, but I can't wait for all those fucking tourists to go home :)