Thursday, January 14, 2010

A good workout on a crap day!

Yesterday, I really needed to get into the ocean and as it was onshore and I was not expecting much swell I took my handboard and flippers out for what I thought would be a short session.
As it turned out there was a little more swell than I had thought there would be and I ended up really enjoying the sometime heaving onshore conditions for longer than I had intended.
As a consequence I missed the arrival of Michelle at the beach to pick me up (she had taken "Those that must be obeyed" for a walk elsewhere) which created some angst.
I take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly to her again and will endeavour, though I think it may be tricky, to communicate to her unspecified future decision making beforehand.


  1. Communication might be a good place to start, like - 'I am going for a handboarding session not a swim' which would have taken about 25 minutes instead of an hour +. No problems anyway, next time I will just leave you there and you can walk, that's really good exercise :)

  2. Funny and cute? More like vicious and vitriolic!