Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today? The best SUP session so far!

As my new board has still not arrived, it was pretty small on the bay today and I couldn't see anything particularly enticing for a regular board, I decided it was time for another session on my 10' 10" Walden SUP.
Good decision as I got a few rippers, very similar in size to the wave depicted to the left, and learnt a lot more about:
1. Turning the board in preparation for a wave
2. Judging where I need to be to optimise a drama free take off
3. The take off itself
4. Getting far enough back so as it was easier to throw the board around in the other direction (to avoid my beloved)
5. Paddling hard on a fatter wave to maintain momentum
I am gaining more confidence as I am not having to worry so much about falling off the board while I am waiting for a wave and getting the board around in readiness.
As we were leaving a guy was unloading a sweet looking super wide Robbie Naish SUP.
Shame he didn't get there a little earlier.
The session was a good two hours or so but is unlikely to stop Michelle and I from going out for another session this afternoon while the conditions are still very amenable!


  1. Sweet. How was this arvo? It would have been onshore?

  2. Well it was by the time we got there and just not quite good enough to warrant another session but we did vacillate one way or the other for some considerable time. My decision making tarred by the degree of pain my body was feeling from the morning session!