Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nude Surfing!

I really liked the image on the right when I found it on SissyFish' blog.
This girl is oblivious to the camera, totally focussed on what she is doing on the wave and so, even though naked, I believe a tasteful image of an active woman that is neither gratuitous nor offensive.

In an attempt to keep the balance I have scoured the internet to find a pic of some hunky guy in a similar image but the best I could come up with was these three who are also totally focussed on........competing with each other. Such a guy thing Eh!
If anybody has a similar shot of a guy to the one of the girl, I will gladly amend this post to include it.


  1. Yeah I agree....great shot of the girl. And the guys....well at least they aren't worried about the size of their 'willies' and are competing for waves instead. (Front shot would have been way more gratuitous though ;-p)

  2. Well I would have loved to have found a front shot similar to the girl with the left hand also unintentionally demurely placed.

  3. Had a picture from the annual nude surf contest at Black's Beach of a guy with hand strageically positioned. Last year the contest was won by a girl. Don't think the judges were biased - as she caught more waves than the guys.

  4. Hey, I checked out the Things to Do Nude site (Previous comment). Pretty cool.

  5. And no leggie! She is truly free in this one, huh!!