Saturday, August 8, 2009

Heydon Bunting - Seaworthy

I had to post this sequence as it so encapsulates what this blog is all about. An important part in the film & the underlying message is inherently clear: the credo of 'ride everything' isn't about trying to be one of the cool kids, it's about broadening one's experiences as a surfer & engaging with the sea in deeper ways.

Seaworthy is the long awaited second offering from independent filmmaker Nathan Oldfield, the maker of the highly regarded and award winning underground surf film Lines from a Poem.

Nearly three years in the making, Seaworthy documents a variety of individuals and the different ways that they approach wave riding.

The film presents a left of center look at the diversity in surfing, including the riding of alaias, olos, singlefins, twins, thrusters, quads, fish, logs, toothpicks, surfmats, and body surfing.

It's a unique, intimate and timeless perspective of surfing, surfers and the environment in which they live and find their being.

Beautifully shot and artistically constructed, Seaworthy features Tom Wegener, Beau Young, Dave Rastovich, Alex Knost, Dane Peterson, Belinda Baggs-Peterson, Sage Joske, Heath Joske, CJ Nelson, Heydon Bunting, Matt Chojnacki, Carl Gonsalves, Sean Finnelley and others.

Check out Nathan's blog at Look & Sea

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