Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1st resident of Denmark surf!

I forgot to mention that, having finally moved into the new Denmark house on Saturday, we scored a surf on Monday afternoon.
After days of South Easterly winds, thunderstorms were forecast for late in the day on Monday, so we knew the wind would be more favourable even if it meant surfing amongst the thunder, lightening and rain ( luckily surfing is a wet weather sport! ).
In the morning we had to return to Albany to take a few things to the auction and get the rest of the bigger furniture items into the garage ready to picked by Good Sammys.
We got back to Denmark around 2.30pm, loaded up Gerty the i30, just as it was starting to set in, raced down to Ocean Beach to find a pleasant little wave working off the usual bank near the point. We surfed in rain, thunder and lightening for awhile before it eventually passed through and was quite pleasant.
There were just a few people out at first but then it got a bit busy understandably.
Apparently it was much better in the morning with head high sets and long rides, but I got a couple of beauties on the 9' 6" Walden Magic ( it is a terrific longboard wave! )and got out after an hour and half or so a happy boy!