Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2nd one here in WA within 3 months!

The last attack was less than 50 kilometres away from here at Conspicuous Cliffs.
This time it was Gracetown again. So unfair that a small community, with such a lovely name, could be subjected to so much trauma. In 1996, 5 adults and 4 children were killed in a cliff collapse whilst watching an inter-school surf competition and there was an earlier shark attack back in 2004.
I have to say I do worry at times, when lying on a mat, that I look far more like a tasty seal than if I were on a surfboard. In reality though, if you happen to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time, it is probably completely immaterial.


  1. Yup. You do look pretty seal like on a mat though. Even more so on a kneeboard and either way, you're the slowest seal out there.

    Anyway, RIP the guy in question.



  2. I think the comment made by one of the local surfers about the conditions being 'sharky' was familiar with those of us who venture out into the surf. Some days are just more sharky than others I guess....it's a lottery alright. Peace be with him.