Saturday, June 21, 2014

After a 3 year immersion in the singular world of surf mats.......

....I make my long anticipated return to the wider world of waveriding! Well, maybe not. In any case I have certainly broadened my surfing activities of late with the addition of a new 9' Walden Mega Magic longboard and Brownfish Barrel Rider Model 2 handplane to my quiver of 9 surf mats.
The longboard is the first standup craft in quite awhile to to get me a little excited. Even though it is nearly 4" thick, allowing it to get into waves like a much longer board, it is very light making it most manageable and easy to chuck around on the wave. Terrific fun on a those smaller fatter days that are not so good for a surf mat.
On the days when the waves are a little too chunky for a surf mat, but sitting up, I have enjoyed getting out with a handplane again and now have three in my quiver. I started out my surfing life using a handplane off the groyne at City Beach in West Australia back in the 80's and have always kept one in the quiver. I am thoroughly enjoyed getting back into it and sometimes have to force myself to get out of the water to end a session. Handplaning is a very comprehensive workout and often I am very sore all over my body the next day but I think that is probably a very good thing.
But don't get me wrong now as one of my surf mats will forever remain the go to first choice waveriding surf craft.

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  1. Robin! How lovely to see you pop up in my comments! I've been so out of the loop lately... But I'm thrilled to see you're expanding your quiver again. And with such beauties too.