Saturday, July 4, 2015

An unwelcome visitor and I take a punt on an Addvance

With the recent unfortunate but extremely lucky escape from an encounter with a large shark of some species, most likely a White Pointer, that a neighbour and acquaintance of ours had recently I have been reevaluating my surfing regime.
Although I have thoroughly enjoyed riding a surf mat for the last few years I have always felt rather exposed around these parts as I think I must look awfully like a seal from beneath the surface! Having successfully returned to stand up surfing on a longboard for the last year I have decided that rather than always taking a mat out on those chunky non longboard wave days that I need an alternative so it is time to get myself a shorter board again too.
I have taken a punt on a Firewire Addvance which is an interesting concept developed with the assistance of Taj Burrow's old man Vance. I have gone for the longest model available which is 7' 6" X 23.5" X 3.25". As you can see it is a fish essentially with rather a lot of width and meat to it. Thankfully, it has a bloody big v starting a foot in front of the fins all the way back into the quite narrow tail so it is easier to bank into a turn.  That should do the job. It is actually wider and thicker than my 9' 1" longboard!  It is sensibly, I think, a little longer than I used to ride and from all the reviews I have read should be terrific fun. I have included some images I found of the old guy himself chucking his own designed board around with great abandon. I look forward to attempting to emulate him!

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