Monday, April 20, 2009

Those good old negative ions

Finally, Michelle and I got in the water today for a surf after about 3 weeks of being on dry land because we have been flat out building to try and get our new home to lock up before the the rain starts to arrive. Nearly there.
Anyway, after the surf, I just felt fantastic and was really up and particularly cheerful for the rest of the day.
It was nothing to do with the quality of the surf though as it was close out crap and I took my bodyboard out.
So there must be something in the negative ion theory and I think I got a particularly powerful dose because I was on the bodyboard. More immersed than usual in breaking waves and of course because more waves can be caught leading to an aerobically robust and thorough workout.
Michelle just popped in and inquired what I was doing and she has confirmed that she felt the same bouyancy after the surf today also which I had not realised further confirming that something is going on.
Here is an extract from an article on the website.

When ocean waves crash onto a beach, they could be doing more than entertaining beach goers. Moving water, moving air and sunlight all cause air molecules to break apart, releasing charged atoms, or ions, into the atmosphere. Some scientists claim that there is an abundance of negatively charged ions in sea air and that they could have health benefits which range from better circulation to improved moods. A lot of people have enough faith in these effects to purchase negative ion generators for their homes. But have these curative claims ever been satisfactorily verified?


Negative ions in the air caused by rolling waves could have health benefits for surfers.

Ions in Sea Air

Ocean air contains a high percentage of ions which a surfer will inevitably encounter in their quest to find the perfect wave. These mainly come from ions of sodium, magnesium, chloride and sulphate present in sea water.

Sodium, the main positive ion found in sea water, is also found in extra-cellular fluids in our bodies. These fluids, such as blood plasma, bathe cells and carry out important transport functions for nutrients and waste. Positive magnesium ions are also used by the body and are an ingredient of some medicines like Epsom salts, which are commonly used to treat aches and pains. Negative chloride ions also play an important physiological role in the central nervous system and in transporting protein around the body.

So now I am thinking of purchasing an ioniser for the new house!


  1. That's a remarkable theory, though I'm not completely convinced. People have always talked about the theraputic effects of the sea I guess. There is definitely something special about the feeling you get when you come out of the water though. I love it and wish I could have it more! (Live and work in London.) Have a look at my surfing articles on the blog - had a great one about Surfing in Gaza, and another about wooden surdboard building. (

  2. I have to agree with Robin, I felt great yesterday, despite the waves being pretty unsurfable and even quite nasty at times.