Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally got in the water again after 5 weeks!

Well it wasn't fantastic but at least we were able to get in today. It looks like there is a much better set up since the inlet reopened with more of the sand going in the right direction and big swells in recent weeks helping to create some banks.
I took the longboard out initially and got a couple of little waves ( God I could barely get up it has been so long ) until the wind became too strong. As I was feeling like I needed a bit more of a workout, I decided it was time I tried out my POD hand board that I bought months ago but had not used at all. So it was on with the fins and I can report it is a damned fine piece of equipment allowing one to get terrific lift out of the wave because:
The concave shaped bottom and keel fin will ensure rapid elevation onto the wave and excellent wave-holding attributes. The result is less drag as the bodysurfers body is raised out of the water, leaving only the handboard and the tips of the fins in the water, giving maximum speed, lift and control.
Heartily recommended for a lots of fun and a good workout when the waves are not too flash!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a fun little toy which fit's on the pack. Where abouts can I purchase one?

    PS, walking the bib trach starting next week. Keep and eye out for a bad mouthed, long haired freak... Hmm it's denmark. Never mind.