Monday, November 16, 2009

3 days on the SUP and really knackered!

The swell has been pretty small over the weekend so, Michelle and I decided our SUP's were the waveriding vehicle of choice. The conditions were different each day from

1. Light to medium offshore which was great to

2. Strong side shore, bearable for awhile and

3. Medium onshore which was a right royal pain in the arse

Both of us are feeling like we learning more about the art of the SUPing and improving our techniques. We even got around to cutting down our paddles but might have gone a little too far. I was happy with mine but Michelle was feeling like hers was too short but it had been far too long for her, so much so that she was not able to have her top hand on the top of the paddle at all.
From the getting a workout point of view, SUPing is just fantastic. We launch up the inlet a few hundred metres and paddle down "Prawn Channel" to the inlet opening and then out to where the waves are hopefully breaking. After a session out there we then need to paddle back to where the Feroza is parked and so have enjoyed the full benefits to body that standing up and paddling on a surfboard provides. Meanwhile, riders on shorter lie down wavecraft. even longboards, spend their time sitting around and getting very little exercise at all! Why would you bother! SUPing? Just love it!