Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Morning Wave!

Yesterday, I had a great time in similar conditions and wave size to the pic but envisage mainly longboards rather than shortboards. I almost took out a bodyboard because, when we arrived, there were already a few in but I am glad I didn't as it was fine for a longboard session. It got a bit nasty inside and I did come a bit of a cropper at one point being too greedy and staying on the wave longer than I should have. So today I am suffering from quite a painful calf muscle which received a good whack when I fell on top of my board! We have been in the water every weekend since we moved here so Denmark continues to deliver consistently which is awesome.
As you will have gathered from the last few posts, we have had the paddleboards out quite a bit over the last few weeks and yesterday, I was really feeling the benefits of that as I felt very strong paddling around out there. SUPs are such a great crap day option to keep your fitness up. Get yourself one!