Monday, June 7, 2010


Finally we seem to be getting some decently working banks round here again.
For today, 'twas off the mat and on to Big Blue, upon which I was allowed to enjoy a very nice left in front of the currently closed inlet opening, where I recently and joyously spied a really strong rip working it's magic so as I could enjoy today. It was pretty similar to the pic above but without this guy's good looks and style!
A little further over on the next peak......... 30 or so hustling away whilst, where I was, just two of us and eventually for a while just meself! Yee ha!
As "One must ride waves whilst swells untwine", we went back to see if we could get another session, with me hoping to get some more time on the mat, but it was onshore and buggar all swell getting in.
Still, I can go back to work for the next 2 days fulfilled and ready for some more wave riding joy starting on Thursday again with a bit of luck!


  1. Geez that was quick! I was still rediting the post and when I reposted there you were.
    Bring it on you say? Oh yeh!