Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My first Brown(Uh, that looks blue?)fish!

It arrived yesterday and was made, along with a bunch of others, just before Gary left for Hawaii.


  1. If its not a rude question what did this set you back ?

    I'm looking at trading up my moulded plastic hydro board so it would be nice to see how much it costs in WA dollars delivered.

    I'll be waiting for your verdict on how it rides.

    I like the handplane experence slightly less than you like your mats

  2. Your Hydro looks a lot like my POD and I have found the balance of it a little tricky to deal with having come close to injuring my wrist. I am hoping that the Brownfish is much friendlier in this regard. Might get a go out on it today! Are you using UDT fins!