Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fins can really cut you up!

Considering last years ankle injury at a similar time of the year, an unbelievable incident just a week before the J-Bay round has seen Parko end up in hospital with as nasty a surfing injury as I have seen in a while.
He was riding this wave when he disappeared eventually popping up in the whitewater in agony apparently having been slashed by one of his fins resulting in this appalling and ugly look cut through to the bone.
He is in good hands though and confident he will make the Tahiti round.

There is definitely an OHS advantage for those of us who choose to ride a "Soft Machine"!


  1. Eww, and I was making an effort not to see any of those pix.

    That's why I put ProTeck fins on (almost) all my boards. They have a soft edge that doesn't slice.