Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jet Skis - not happy!

These guys have been hanging around for a few days and pissing off the local surf community and anybody else hoping to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the bay. Apparently they are from Kojonup and many of us just wish they would go back there. This is the main family beach of this area, and although they are around the bay a little but not enough, the noise they make is incessant and insidious. You can certainly hear how bad it is!
They were apparently also drinking on the beach which is again not appropriate considering the nature of the amenity.

Yes, we should share the ocean but I think there is a limit and hopefully the local council may chose to make some changes as I think they are going to hear about it.


  1. One of them made the mistake of asking me how I I told him "a lot better before you guys arrived" (with a couple of colourful expletives for emphasis - like "why don't you just fuck off") Quite a few other snarly locals besides us too.....

  2. "from Kojonup" - is that a by-word for something else? I grew up in Katanning, now 'live over East' as the locals would say it. Good to hear you love the mat - just got one sent!


  3. On no not at all! Hey good to hear you have a mat mate enjoy. What have you bought? A Krypt, 4th Gear Flyer or Neumatic!