Thursday, July 9, 2009

Looking forward to our new local break

It has been a pretty ordinary winter of surfing so far here in Albany.
A couple of days ago, Michelle and I took a bit of a break from cladding inside our new home and checked out what was happening surfwise at Ocean Beach which is the main break in Denmark. It was going off around the beach from head high down and totally glassed off. Surfers were running from everywhere to partake of the spoils.
So yesterday, Michelle and I popped our boards on the i30 just in case there was still a nice wave at Ocean Beach that we could partake of before another building session at the Denmark block.
And it delivered right in front of the clubhouse, a small and shapely uncrowded wave pretty similar to the pic on the left. If I didn't actually know the source of that image, I would swear that was Michelle riding the wave. We were so impressed that we have pretty well given up on Albany wave riding and left our longboards up in Denmark ready to use again very soon!

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  1. Hey wow! There I am on the left-hand break. Not really, but it looks like me and conditions are very similar to yesterday.