Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Michelle's Fish....!

......is probably sold to local farrier and guitar legend in training Andrew S. She has decided to get rid of it as it is probably a fraction too small for the wave conditions that prevail locally.
It is a 6' 3" 7S Aussie Fish, which is a Semi Fish design with much less volume in the nose than the traditional old school Fishes that were designed in the US.
This design is a cross between a performance shortboard and a true fish design that is great to ride in small to medium surf. It paddles easily and will help you make the most of being on the face of the wave and features a single concave bottom that delivers extra speed and drive while turning.
Here are a couple of pics of Andrew trying the board out in appalling small and onshore conditions that were still enough to convince him that it was a board that would work for him.


  1. Bye bye fishy......:(
    Mmmmmm what should I get instead??

  2. No, thinking more along the lines of a 7' something. My 8' 4" does most of the other stuff.