Sunday, March 14, 2010

Warren Thompson?

I used to own a BIC 10' noserider and I have now returned to that place, making the final change to my quiver following our move to Denmark, by ordering a 10' traditional single fin from local shaper Warren Thompson to complement the more progressive Walden 9' 6" Magic. Warren has been living in Denmark for the last 6 years, knows the break very well and consequently has made a lot of successful longboards for local riders.
Currently, on the weekend, the point is dominated by 3 or 4 teenage girls who ride Warren's longboards with little regard for surf etiquette. I have partly ordered this board in order to enable getting a few more of the waves off those girls and, in good humour, have been referring to it as my "Weapon of Mass Destruction!" Interestingly, Warren has coached those girls in the past and, during my conversation in his shaping rooms about the new board, even he agreed that perhaps it was time they were brought in to line a little and I think he might be having a word or two in their ears about the matter.
Warren has surfed and shaped all his life and this has resulted in his requiring new shoulders as he has worn the originals out! He had one of them replaced a year ago and is able to body surf a little now but has surgery for the other and another year of rehabilitation to look forward to. He can still shape boards though - Whew!
Warren has quite a history as a wave rider, apparently taking riders to Hawaii on surf trips and shaping for Don Brewer but there is little is known about him and I am thinking that needs to change so am contemplating asking if he would be willing to be interviewed for this blog so look forward to that!