Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wetsuits? - ever wondered.......................

.....if we are being ripped off here in Australia?
Well, my 2 year old $300.00 Ripcurl Dawn Patrol 3/2 finally gave up the ghost the other day.
It had been starting to fall apart since the day I got it. Gaping holes in the legs, great seams of wetsuit repair goo all over the place and a great hole below the zip which finally got so big it was exposing my cute little white arse!
So I went surfing ( on the internet ) to see if I could get a replacement for a better price and I did not limit myself to Australia.
And bingo, I scored a top of the line Ripcurl E-bomb 3/2 ( $574.95 here in Oz and the cheapest I had seen was $400 ) for? - wait for it.....................$208.69 including shipping from the UK for god's sake. Now it is probably gonna take a little while to get here but for almost $200 less it is worth it!
"Sorry, what was that you said?"
"Oh, where did I get it from?"
"Right of course, well it was here"

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  1. I'll vouch for the cute little white arse! And the budgie smugglers that usually cover it (when someone remembers to tie them up properly)