Monday, April 12, 2010

Nude Surfing 5?

Well actually no but check out the 12 foot primitive wooden Paulownia board at Mount Maunganui. Essential riding gear required? A helmet, booties and a wetsuit specially designed to make one look naked in a black and white photo. Pretty cool if you are into it!!

With thanks to Roy Stewart whose blog is well worth a long visit as he has some fascinating ideas in regard to surfboard design that he puts in to successful practise like this!


  1. Cute...:) I thin the booties are a nice touch.

  2. The zip is a clue !

    Thanks for the kind words, in fact the wetsuit was a shiny fluoro green which tended to reflect light.


  3. Ha of course you are right, completely missed the zipand I'll be damned you do have a wetsuit on!

  4. I like the look of that board.
    and yes, the zip. It's a bit 'V'.