Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quiver now complete!

Today I picked up my new longboard built specifically to suit the wave conditions here. Warren Thompson has shaped me the big beautiful blue 10' single fin you can see in the pic above.
After 2 sessions on it, I can report that it is a sensational board.
Gets me on the wave early, trims beautifully and noserides brilliantly.
It is also very forgiving because of soft rails so the big step back and the walk forward again is required to change direction at all quickly. Lots of fun!
The session in the morning started out with sharing a nice left with the young longboard crew who dominate normally but not any more! Yee hah!
I then noticed that the right on the other side of the channel was starting to work with some nice sized waves starting to peak up.
I had it to myself for quite sometime going right initially and then the big step back to avoid someone coming through from the other direction and straight into a fast little reform to the left all the way into the beach while I explored this boards noseriding capability!
The afternoon session was not quite as good but was characterised by a cranking noseride with an unfortunate hiccup in the middle as I had to step back around the current state under 18 women's longboard champion on her way back out before slotting straight back in again. Bloody wonderful stuff I can tell you!

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  1. Let's see how long this one lasts. Probaby the board you should have had all along!