Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kane blasting off the top!

I love the track he has left in the wave wall behind him showing the speed he had generated before launching himself off the lip!

A big low had finally come through and the swell was already big, if a bit westerly, and on the way up!
A bit bitter and windy, Michelle and I decided today was a lay day but that it was worth having a look anyway as what better way to spend a bit of time than watching waves.
We were not surprised to find Kane out there.
The first time we came across this guy, he was on the way out in absolutely mammoth conditions at another local surf spot and we thought he might actually not get back in. Turns out he surfs it like that all the time and we needn't have worried!

These pics never give you a true idea of the conditions and too be truthful, so far within the protection of the point, the waves were not too big but out on the bay? Mayhem, which you can probably get some idea of in the shot above.
I reckon it will be getting in much more later on in the day and tomorrow too possibly although I would prefer it backed of a bit and lined up beautifully ready for me to surf before returning to work on Tuesday.
I managed to get a few good shots of Kane using my little Nikon P100 which boasts a 26 optical zoom and excellent high speed continuous shooting along with 1080HD video. A pretty awesome little camera for just over $500 AU!
Just a touch of digital zoom in some of these pics too hence the lack of quality.
I think the P100 did well to stop all the spray and movement in this considering it was hand held!

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