Monday, February 8, 2010


I must fit this category I guess?
"Surly Stink Eyed Old Man Longboarder"
With thanks to Stuff Surfers Like
In the end it was 3 days of surfing over the weekend after Fridays session on the Carver mentioned in my previous post.
I had the longboard out on Saturday arvo in small waves and even with the sidebiters off it is still proving itself not to be much chop in small waves and is just a leeeetle frustrating! Michelle had a go on it and gave it straight back as her 8' 4" hybrid was getting her on to those same small waves more readily.
I might have been better off on the Carver in fact and I am gonna have to switch the Walden Magic for something more traditional for when it is small but too windy for the SUP although that is becoming less of an issue as my proficiency on it improves.
On Saturday the swell had dropped right off so it was out with the SUPs and both Michelle and I had a great session.
Damn they are good fun in small waves, and bigger ones too I am finding out, and such a great workout. I feel like the hulk (Yeh, yeh, I know just 'cos you feel that way doesn't meant you are) after a session with every muscle in the old bod feeling like it has had some use.
Ya gotta give it a try sometime if you haven't yet!
As they say "The best surfer is the one having the most fun!"

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  1. I am still hobbling around after a 2 hour session on the SUP. Sure gives the quads a fierce workout.