Saturday, February 27, 2010

Planing Hulls & Displacement Hulls?

I keep reading these terms and have long wondered what the @*-+#! they really mean! Well, I have been doing a little research this morning and ended up at Swaylocks and found this delicious looking displacement hull board that is so different to what I am normally used to seeing and the lines are just beautiful.

So, what would it feel like to ride such a board? Well, here is a great article that describes the experience and what you would need to do to ensure success. Get that front foot forward!
Here is some video of a guy riding a Liddle displacement hull and it sure as hell looks a little challenging!
For a more definitive how to go here.
So it transpires that apart from maybe the 7' McCoy Nugget ( as it features a loaded dome bottom curve ) I rode for a couple of years, I have been riding what is basically a planing hull all along and had not realised it?!
Here is a great little video showing the construction of a planing hull and the excellent result!
I have been following Hydrodynamica which features this board type and the name Simmons gets mentioned a lot of the time and here is a fine article about the man's ideas on board design.
There are some out there shapes happening too!

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