Friday, February 5, 2010

Finally a good session on the 8' 1" Carver!

Yes your are correct that is not me and it is unlikely that I will ever manage to pull off such a move.
But what I found out about the Carver yesterday is that even though it is 8' 1", it feels like one could do so.
Very impressive and exactly as Bob recommends "Think like you're riding a shortboard".

As I have been riding longer boards lately, it took me a little while to adjust to the shorter and much skinnier board. I was too far back initially, but once I got my front foot forward "Wo!" off it went like a bat out of hell.
Terrific fun and it looked impressive enough that Michelle was heard to say, most unusually, "Expletive - I forgot to bring my camera again" To find out more about yesterdays session visit here as all has been said already.


  1. Well you did actually look as though you knew what you were doing and therefore 'worthy' of a pic :)

  2. PS When am I going to have a go on that board?

  3. Babe, I promise next time we are out it is yours for as long as you want!

  4. Thanks. I hope it is better for me than your long-board!! What a dog, don't like those bevels at all. Suits you though.

  5. Umm not so happy with it but it is doing the job at the moment