Friday, February 19, 2010

A few more pics.........

....from yesterdays 2nd session!
A talented young grommet getting a nice drop but with little else to look forward to.

Notorious for dropping in and the odd snake, he, who shall go nameless and unidentifiable, doesn't really deserve any pics here but further provides you with an idea of the passable quality of the waves yesterday.

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  1. Nice one. Well I have named the 'snake-longboarder' Mr Flipper because of his habit of whisting while waiting for the sets to come through. You say he says he is whistling up the dolphins, but I say it is 'secret-Denmark-hippy-surf-speak' for 'hey, out the back!!'. As if I can't see the f*****g sets. I'll bet I am right, if not, I don't mind misrepresenting him. He is one of the old guard who think it is their break, and fair enough I guess, but it's not as if he doesn't get any waves.