Monday, March 23, 2009

Great - another solid and quality read!

In the tradition of Surfers Path, Journal and Surfing World another quality read both online and in your sweaty palm if you so desire.
Enter Kurangabaa - a journal full of inspiring, informative and interesting surfing related articles, stories, interviews, art, essays and poetry. Best of all its completely advertisement free and its all quality writing. Do yourself a favour and check out Kurungabaa. You can subscribe on their website and they also take contributions from writers and artists of all kinds.
‘Kurungabaa’ is a Dharawal word for the Australian pelican, a handsome bird with a peculiar way of gliding low over the waves. We have chosen it to express respect for the Dharawal country where we love to surf, to celebrate the continuing culture of the Dharawal people, and to acknowledge the memory of the Dharawal people’s ancestors.

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