Friday, March 20, 2009

How to have fun on a crap day!

Summer is a shit of a time to be a waverider over here on the South Coast of West OZ as I am sure it is in many other parts of this great more sunburnt than it used to be land of ours.
Michelle has recently taken to using the bodyboard I had bought her a couple of years ago when the conditions are less than ideal for a stand up surf.
As she was going in the other day and I was staying out for a little longer even though it was crap, I asked her to give me a shot on her booger.
As a consequence of that fun, fun little session, I have equipped myself with a bodyboard again which is what I used to do before stand up surfing.
As I am a chunky guy to say the least, I went online to search for the biggest and best I could find and it turned out to be a 45" BZ Big Bruddah from the guys at BoogerKing.
I have used it for the last 3 out of 4 surf sessions we have had and:
1. It is a crankin' beast - stiff and fast!
2. Bodyboarding is a better work out on a crap day than sitting around on a stand up board.
3. Damn near got barrelled the other day!
4. There is something great about being that close to the water - a George Greenough realisation me thinks.
5. We are getting out there for a session when in the past we probably would not have bothered with just stand ups available.
6. I am having a solid good time out there.
7. I am looking forward to trying it out when it is a bit bigger and cleaner.


  1. You definitely make me want to get one! And a better workout to boot? Who couldn't use that? I've actually been wanting one for a long time - would like to try a mat, too.