Wednesday, March 11, 2009

StandUp Paddle boarding - Definitely the next thing I will be doing!

I reckon this form of surfing is going to become huge! Which is a bit of a worry actually but I will be part of it by the end of this year I hope!
I am currently researching suitable boards available in Australia.
The best value I have been able to find so far is an NSP 11' which retails for $899AUS.
It is 25" wide and 4" thick and should work well for anybody up to 100kilos.

There are others that are available but much more expensive such as the new Surftech Laird Hamilton 12' 1' board, which retails for $2000AUS.
This board is 31" wide and 4.13" thick.

A decent paddle will cost about $400 and a C4 Waterman seems to be the choice pick.

Here is another video to check out!

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