Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I bought a new Longboard!

I use to own 2 BIC longboards, a 9' high performance and 10' traditional.
In the last few months it is rare I would choose to use the 10' BIC at all so I decided to just get one longboard to replace the 2 BICs.
I took both boards down to my shaper Aido's shop and they were eventually purchased by the local surfriders club.
I have replaced these two boards with a 9' 6" Walden Magic Model and magic it is!
Although the conditions I have tried it in have not been that flash I think it is going to be great fun. It nose rides so easily, has a lovely soft take off that is very confidence inspiring and looks like it will turn easily even though it is 9' 6". I cannot wait for a day when the swell is bigger and I have a chance to test it's carving ability on a decent face.
I had not intended to by a Walden initally but a couple of them turned up in the local surf shop at an excellent price as they had come from a warehouse sale. I did a bit of research into them and they got a good rap everywhere so I decided to take the chance.
I had not realised that Steve Walden is attributed the honour of designing the first modern longboard and that this shape has been in development for over twenty years.
It has an interesting design with a concave nose that flows to the middle of the board where it transforms into double concave hulls extending to the tail with a moderate vee.
Rails are hard in the rear and softer toward the nose to maintain responsiveness in all conditions.
Although the rails tend to be harder than most other longboards', the unique bottom curve and bevelled rails stop them catching, unlike most other hard-railed boards.
My 9' BIC (which is a great little! board) also had bevels which I have found to be a great innovation so the fact that they were likely to have been copied from the Walden design sealed the deal for me.
Anyway I think it is going to be a great all rounder and I am looking forward to exploring it further!

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